What to do in Sevilla

What to do in Sevilla?

Sevilla is the most typical Andalusian city, home of flamenco and bullfights, full of good wine and olives. Is a perfect example of the culture of Andalusia and also there are plenty of historical places which are on the UNESCO list.


First of the monuments is definitely a Cathedral of Sevilla which was built on the place of the big mosque at the beginning of 15. century and it took over 100 years. It’s the third biggest Cathedral in the whole world and because of this you will agree with me that this monument was built to impress! You can also find the tomb of Christopher Columbus. What you can’t miss is “LA GIRALDA” what is a part of the Cathedral. It’s a bell tower where you will admire the magnificent panoramic view from the top.


Right next to the Cathedral is located the second most important monument : REAL ALCAZAR ( in Spanish). The palace looks amazing, every single square centimeter decorated with the typical painted tin-glazed ceramic tile named “azulejos”, geometric pattern and vegetation. The beautiful gardens with fountains will give you a bit of shade in the hot Andalusian summer which you will appreciate a lot. One interesting fact is the oldest Royal Palace in Europe and it’s still a Royal Residence.


On the heart of the the city, where all the important monuments are, is also located The Santa Cruz district. Is a perfect place to eat, drink coffee or just get lost in the typical street. This place have many bars and shops where you can also buy some souvenirs as a memory of your stay in Sevilla. Tip: From the “Plaza Patio de Banderas” is an amazing view for the Cathedral.


One of the most beautiful places in Sevilla definitely belongs Plaza España which you can probably know from the second episode of Star Wars. If you want to escape from the heat and the crowd, walk through the park with fountains, small lakes and beautiful alleys. You can switch your brain off easily for 2 hours and enjoy this relaxed atmosphere. Tip: On the right side of the square, go to the terrace to see a great view.


Nowadays Naval museum located on the bank of the Guadalquivir river. This tower offers you nice view from the top of the terrace for the river, the Triana district and the Cathedral. Tip: Mondays are for free.


What you definitely can’t miss in Sevilla is the famous bullfight arena because this tradition of bullfighting is really strong in all Andalusia. To enter and visit the museum you can only with the guide but I recommend you to not skip this part because then you’ll be a little bit closer to understand the Spanish culture. All the information about the entrances and the events can be found in the official website.


If you love unique architecture and beautiful views you must visit this large structure looks like a big mushroom where you can climb to the top and see 360 degree view of this amazing city.
Tip: From 3€ what you have to pay for the entrance to Las Setas, you have 1€ discount for some drink on the café right on the top where you can enjoy sunny Sevilla as much as possible.

With our guides you will see all these things and more in a short time. Sevilla is a beautiful city which you will fall in love in the first second of your stay in here.

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