What to do in Malaga

Málaga is the main tourist attraction in the southern coast of Spain, some say it’s because of its pleasant temperature and coast, and others say it’s because of its traditions, food and closeness to other important places of Andalusia. In here you are going to see the main attractions of Málaga.

Alcazaba of Málaga
Built in the 11th century by the moors, this palace was at the same time functioning as home for the muslim rulers and as a fortress to protect and defend the city from the Catholics.
This monument is very well maintained, lots of reconstruction projects were done to bring back the fortress to its ancient glory, so now we can enjoy a very beautiful visit in the fortress, through its corridors and gardens to the palaces and defence towers. You can easily spend 1-2 hours inside and it has a very low cost to enter of 3.50€ (free entrance on Sundays from 14:00). We highly suggest you to go with a guided tour to get a better insight about the history of the building.

Gibralfaro castle
From La Alcazaba you go up the hill all the way until you reach the Gibralfaro castle, which is possible to do by foot or taking a bus or taxi.
The castle was built in the 14th century to give an additional protection to the city because of the recent reconquest of the Catholic Kings there was an increased fear about the incoming battle. Mainly the castle is worth the visit for the amazing view you can get of the entire city, from where in very clear days it’s even possible to see Africa! The entrance also costs 3.50€ and you can also purchase a combined visit of La Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro Castle for 5.50€.

Roman Theatre
A great finding from the ancient roman Hispania is the Roman theatre just at the bottom of the Alcazaba fortress. Built in the 1st century B.C. it was used by the romans as an amphitheatre where they were doing plays. Some of the bricks and columns from this site were used by the moors to build the Alcazaba. The entrance is free.

The Cathedral of Málaga is also one of the most important buildings to visit in the city. It’s one of the tallest in Andalusia and it has a long history of building from the 16th century over the site of an old mosque to the 18th when its construction stopped for good. For that same reason, we can see a mix of different architectonic, ranging from its gothic floor to neoclassical style. Don’t miss out the interior with its mix of gothic and renaissance style, making a very impressive and beautiful building.

The city is also home to a big variety of museums. From the most classic type of museums with paintings like the Picasso Museum, Thyssen Museum or the Russian Museum to a less conventional type like the Automobile Museum, Museum of Glass and Crystal or the Museum of the Airport.
Another very recommended museum to visit is the Museum of Malaga, which is an archeology museum with also a section of fine arts.

The coast
One of the main reasons for the tourists to visit Malaga especially in the period between April and September is the coast. The closest beach to the city centre is Malagueta beach, and following the same direction you will find the Pedregalejo and El Palo beaches, where you can enjoy its different atmosphere and have espetos (the sardines barbecued in a stick). Following further you will arrive at El Peñon del Cuervo, which is a great place to have parties and barbecues.
If you go to the opposite direction past the port to the west, you will find the Huelin neighbourhood with the Misericordia beach.

Park of Málaga
On the side of the main avenue in the city centre you can see a large park full of different kinds of plants all over the place, which is also a botanical garden. It was built as a sign of friendship between Spain and the southern and central american countries, so almost all the plant species are from there. Also we can see some plants from Africa and Australia.

Atarazanas Market
Looking for the real food experience of the city? Say no more, because in the Atarazanas Market, in the city centre, will be the place you are looking for. It is full of food stands and small shops where you can have a taste of the local food. Even there are some small bars to have a sit and enjoy the surroundings.

Montes de Málaga
At the end of the northern part of the city you will find the big natural park of Montes de Málaga, where you can have a nice hike, bicycle route or even have a great lunch in one of Las ventas del monte, which are restaurants in the road that goes through the natural park, to enjoy a nice meal.
To get there by public transport you can get in the bus number 2 from the city centre.

Jardín Botánico de la Concepción
In the same area of Montes de Málaga there is a huge botanical garden which in the past it was a private garden and residence for a family of the nobility. It is considered one of the biggest tropical species botanical gardens of Spain and even of Europe!

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