What to do in Granada

What to do in Granada? The city of Granada is located in the south of Andalusia in the highlands of Sierra Nevada, the highest mountains of continental Spain. Granada is considered one of the [...]

How to ride Segway

Hello there! So, you decided to ride a Segway and you want to know a little bit more about this machine? You are on the right place! So now I will tell you how to start your journey on Segway [...]

What to do in Malaga

Málaga is the main tourist attraction in the southern coast of Spain, some say it’s because of its pleasant temperature and coast, and others say it’s because of its traditions, food [...]

History of Segway

The history of the Segway goes back to the end of the 90s, when the Segway Inc. company was founded by Dean Kamen in July 1999 to develop non-medical applications for self-balancing machines. In [...]

Team building on Segway

Team building on Segway Segway tours are not only for families, couples or some solo travelers. But it’s also perfect to do Segway tours with your company as a teambuilding. The [...]

What to do in Sevilla

What to do in Sevilla? Sevilla is the most typical Andalusian city, home of flamenco and bullfights, full of good wine and olives. Is a perfect example of the culture of Andalusia and also there [...]