10 reasons to go sightseeing in Seville by segway

Tourism in Seville in segway

A Segway tour resembles an average walking tour, except for the part where you don’t walk, but travel on a Segway through the city and explore popular sights. So it’s a fun way to see the city, cover more ground in less time and avoid foot pain.

From www.topsegway we leave you 10 reasons why you should choose the Segway to make tourism in Seville:

1. You have probably never had the opportunity to ride a Segway and it is something great, easy and fun to do.

If you had the opportunity to ride a Segway, I bet you want to do it again!

3. You’ve got it all: the Segway experience and the city tour.

4. It’s one of the fastest, most efficient and interesting ways to discover the city. Imagine you only come to Seville for one day and you want to see it in its entirety. Walking would be impossible and of course you could visit it with the tourist us but do you know what the difference would be? That with segway it will be an unforgettable experience.

5. It is not only for tourists, but also for local people to try to rediscover their city.

6. It’s for anyone with no age limit. The only limitation is that you can not be thin, with a minimum of 40 kg, as you need the weight to travel on Segway. So you should pay attention when you consider doing it with your children.

7. It’s extremely interesting because, in addition to the activity, you learn about the city and see the places, monuments and learn about them, as well as get all the anecdotes about the city that you can’t read in a guide.

8. You can meet new people. You can do it alone and join a group or you can do it with your friends and family. Anyway, the big moment is guaranteed!

9. It’s a great gift idea for you and your partner. Imagine kissing on a segway! Not everyone can do it.

10. It’s also a great idea for a family activity, your kids will love it. It’s an unusual but super creative gift idea for a friend.

Our guides will take you on a segway through the most fascinating places in Seville. You will enjoy the views of the city, the passion of the guides and you will take a great memory of this experience, visit us at www.tosegway.es

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