Contrary to popular belief, the Segway is so much more than just a means of transportation. There are so many different ways to use and enjoy a Segway, which is a popular and cost-effective marketing concept.


When people see Segways on the streets, they normally have a lot of questions. This curiosity and widespread interest make the Segway the perfect choice for marketing. At TopSegway, we empower businesses to rent high-quality Segway transportation devices for various events, from promos to exhibitions, grand openings, weddings – you name it!

Segways attract a lot of attention, and make the perfect marketing solution for any event – particularly launches and openings when you need to attract a lot of attention. Segways are also popular for functions at clubs, universities, and beyond – anything that requires an opening ceremony, in fact!


  • Attract incredible attention to your product or service
  • Eye-catching
  • Mobile advertising “on wheels”
  • Safety and outstanding maneuverability in small spaces
  • Stand out as an industry innovator
  • Take your brand name and logo to the streets!
  • Uncommon mode of transportation (draws lots of attention)
  • Electric engine means quiet operation
  • Clean, green energy
  • Easily advertise indoors or outdoors at any location and event
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to adapt to your brand and concept


Our professional team of expert Segway riders, trainers, and promoters would be happy to partner with you and level-up your next event through the power of Segway technology. Segways are powerful marketing tools, and if you’re ready to take advantage, contact TopSegway today. We can’t wait to prepare our Segways for your big day, fostering more brand recognition. If you are interested in renting one or more Segways for your next promotional event, exhibition, road show, or something else, contact us with your enquiry today!

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