How to ride Segway

Hello there! So, you decided to ride a Segway and you want to know a little bit more about this machine? You are on the right place!

So now I will tell you how to start your journey on Segway correctly:

1. Check if it’s turned on

The central part basement of the Segway has a several lights. When you turn on Segway there are 4 green lights blinking in a form of rhombus. When you will see it, you will know that Segway already waiting for you to ride it!

2. Step up on Segway!

The basement of Segway is divided on two platforms, each for one leg. I recommend you to take the handle bar of the Segway before you will step on it, just to have all under control! By the way, when you will step up on it, you will hear a special sound. It means that Segway is really happy that you already prepared to use it 😉

3. Start use it!

Segway is the most simplest personal vehicle which you can use with a help of your body. Controlling of the Segway is based on inclination of your body forward and backwards. So when you want to go forward, you just lean gently your body forward. The same it will be with leaning backwards. In case of the turning, you just need to take a handle bar and turn it with help of your elbows. Unfortunately a lot of people trying to turn it: 1) with inclination of body on a right and on a left side; 2) they turning the handle bar with help of shoulders, like we normally used to do it during riding bike. And also, when you lean more forward, faster you go. Same it works with backwards!

4. Time to park Segway

Segway is one of the most modern things which show us a progress of technologies. When we speak about progress, it’s always about the future and that time is going forward. The same it’s with Segway: if you don’t hold it, it goes forward. For that reason when we want to park Segway, we always need to park it against to something. It would be curb, wall, street light and etc.

So now you prepared to receive that brilliant experience of Segway tours which we are offering to you and to your family/friends/colleagues in several cities of Andalusia! Our guides will do everything possible to memorize this trip


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